“Time Peace” is a solid (if not spectacular) listen that puts a premium on optimism and substance while showcasing the versatility of Mr. Tay & Spends Quality.” — (read more)

“His music has hard edges, like many solid artists from L.A., but his songs also possess a seductive, dark allure that you can’t find south of Sacramento or east of the Rockies. He’s given plenty of thought to his lyrics, and the beats that weave and wind around the vowels and syllables he sings so well contain the same poised, philosophical quality.” — (read more)

“Spends’ style is an agile and his flow is easy to follow. Even so, Spends goes ‘hard’ by going intelligent without going over one’s head.  This intellectual spirit about his rhymes distinguishes him from numerous rappers and adds an extra sophistication; his lyrics are both meaningful and thoughtfully conceived.” – Brent Music Reviews (read more)

Quality Spending by By Jacquelynne Ocana, North Bay Bohemian (read article)

Spends Quality Interview  by Adam Bernard on (read interview)

“CFO Recordings rose out of the popular Sonicbloom hip-hop collective with the vision of the label and exec and founding member Spencer Williams, who also MCs under the moniker Spends Quality.  On Time Peace, one of the trifecta of albums released by CFO in 2013, Williams raps over smooth, summertime beats produced by Mr. Tay.  Keeping with Sonicbloom’s positive hip-hop vibe, this album is the perfect soundtrack for barbecues and lounging by the Russian River, all friends, smiles and good intentions.  Maybe it’s all that Sonoma County sunshine, but Spends Quality avoids the gritty subject matter of most rap albums in favor of a celebration of love and life.  “I ain’t flamboyant, I might blend in” Williams raps on “Til the Songs Done,” but he’s wrong: this is one of the stand-out releases in the North Bay for 2013.” — L.C., North Bay Bohemian

“Spends Quality, the bearded, earnest-looking rapper behind CFO Recordings, is a happy guy.  Flight Music is full of good vibes and counted blessings and even the one track that explores darker material, “Sad Day,” circles a line about positive thinking.  His bio touts stages shared with Blackalicious and Lyrics Born, and the comparisons fit—this is a guy who probably doesn’t use the term “conscious” to mean “alive and breathing.”  Still, like the rappers he emulates, SQ plays with enough wonky sounds and rhymes to subvert his own wide-eyed sincerity—there are tinny cruising beats reminiscent Snoop’s L.A. (before he, too, became conscious) and cheesy sax strains that are pure Oakland all-night buffet.  In his own words, “Spends Quality mixes soulfulness with intellect in a golden pimp cup.” R.D., North Bay Bohemian