Its May! Feels almost like summer already….

Feeling blessed right about now. I’ve been out here in the foothills of Northern California soaking up the sun and enjoying the greenery.  At the same time, I’m working hard at getting my music out to people through all the avenues that I know.  Booking is going well.  Slow at first, but the shows are starting to roll in!  Have a few more videos that will be getting shot over the coming months, and I’m almost more excited about that than anything.  They are really fun to make, and I feel as though its the most potent way to share music these days, and attract a new audience.  Visuals are absolutely necessary in the music industry these days.  Thankyou to everyone who has been following the progress, and supporting Spends Quality and CFO Recordings.  You all rock!

Peace and Blessings


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